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  • Do You Have Today’s Most In-Demand
Manufacturing Capability?
    Achieve the Agility Needed in Today’s New Normal

    Do You Have the Most In-Demand
    Manufacturing Capability?

  • Why Integrate Your Manufacturing Operations?
    Connectivity is Currency in Today’s Digital Business

    Why Integrate Your
    Manufacturing Operations?

  • Immediately Boost Your Productivity and Profits
    Immediately Boost Your Productivity and Profits


  • Sewing Operator in Industrial Sewing Plant
    Eliminate manual and time-consuming processes

    Increase manufacturing
    visibility and control

  • IPE software
    Simple-to-use incentive software solution

    Daily production reporting
    and payroll calculation

  • IPE Real-time Software
    Gain Control of Your Shop Floor

    Real-time visibility drives
    better-informed decisions

Increase Productivity &
Streamline Processes

Savvy fashion, home furnishings, industrial and many other sewn products and discrete manufacturers know that incentive payroll programs can significantly improve overall efficiency, throughput time, employee morale/retention, and more. Companies that have implemented fair and well thought-out individual or team incentives routinely report gains of 30 to 40% in overall productivity when compared to prior hourly pay plans.

But maintaining pay-for-performance programs using spreadsheets or legacy piecework payroll systems requires production workers, supervisors and front office staff to waste far too much time on non-value added paperwork, calculations, reporting and related activities.

IPE eliminates these manual and time-consuming processes with reimagined software and hardware solutions that do the work for you; empowering your teams to focus their time on the things that bring real value to your products and business. In addition to streamlining incentive payroll calculations, IP provides a wealth of shop floor control and reporting capabilities to give you the visibility and control you need to measure and improve employee efficiency, manage standard labor costing (by style and cut), better identify and reduce excess labor costs, quickly and accurately track cut orders, bundles and all work in process.

Incentives and shop floor control need no longer be difficult and time consuming. Whether you choose our IP Batch™ (daily processing and reporting) or the IP Realtime™ (real-time data collection and production monitoring solution), IPE solutions will help you reduce costs, speed production and improve your bottom line performance.

Made in USA

IPE uses only USA-based software development
(no global outsourcing) and leverages development tools from USA-based companies such as Microsoft.

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IP Batch™

IP Batch™ is a simple-to-use incentive software solution for daily or weekly calculation of production information and employee gross incentive pay using traditional bundle tickets and production sheets. Key capabilities include quick data input via handheld scanner, bar-coded bundle ticket printing, source to gross payroll calculations, time & attendance, shop floor control, quality control, care label printing, management reporting and other optional modules designed specifically for sewn products and soft goods producers.

IP-Batch software
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IP Realtime™

IP Realtime™ utilizes wireless networking and off-the-shelf tablet technology to collect and report all production activities immediately as they occur throughout the shift. This always-on data collection and reporting eliminates ticket printing and gum sheets to provide immediate feedback to workers and managers on individual, team and overall plant performance.

Either way, IPE keeps payroll and production management simple and understandable for you, your production employees and front office administrators.

Contact IPE now to discover how we can simplify your incentive payroll system.
IP-Realtime software