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IPE was formed in 2010 to fill the gap in incentive payroll and shop floor control solutions for manufacturers in the sewn products industries. IPE principals have over a century of combined experience with incentive payroll solutions for apparel and sewn products manufacturers.

Our industry experience and flexible solutions will allow us to span multiple industries where incentives are paid. The key to success is in the collection of data, the processing of that data, and the flexibility of the calculations in the system solution.

IPE is headquartered in Greenville, SC with a remote office for research & development and support in Utica, NY.
Shop Floor Control Software in Sewing Room

Simplicity Meets Incentive Payroll

With innovative new software from IPE, generating bundle tickets, tracking cuts and bundles through the production process and calculating piecework payroll is simpler than ever before.

The IP Batch solution utilizes a batch payroll process. Barcoded bundle tickets are placed on gum sheets as they proceed through each operation. The gum sheets are then scanned using a handheld scanner to collect information on individual and plant productivity. Bundle ticket printing is setup simply by entering manufacturing operations, creating styles to be produced, and entering cut order information for a style. Existing records can be copied and modified as to needed to save even more time. Ticket formats are personalized to individual client needs from more than 60 available fields of information.

Thanks to user-defined data grids built into the system, all IP software is easy to setup and use. The system’s intuitive Pay Code formulas also eliminate complexity and a simple scanning interface makes capturing gum sheet data a breeze.

The IP Realtime solution leverages wireless networking and off-the-shelf tablet technology to eliminate ticket printing and gum sheets and collect and report all production activities in real-time; immediately as they occur throughout each shift. This always-on data collection and reporting provides immediate feedback to workers and managers on individual, team and overall plant performance and other KPIs.

The IP system can run either as a standalone application or integrated with the ERP system. When integrated, IP helps plug the 'shop floor hole' in ERP by handling bundle control and piecework payroll. IP utilizes a modern, proven Microsoft® technology stack comprising the .NET® framework, SQL Server, and a standard Windows client software.

Standard features of the IP system include production management, incentive payroll source to gross calculation, shop floor control and reporting.

About IPE

About IPE